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We’re in for an exciting few weeks starting at 5.00pm tonight when Parliament is prorogued. All proceedings will come to an end and Parliamentary business will lapse.

Then the Governor-General will fire up a new session of Parliament at 9.30am on Monday.

Last night the Australian Citizenship Amendment (Allegiance to Australia) Bill 2015 passed through the Senate. You may have heard many constitutional experts, some politicians, the Human Rights Commission and the media say that the laws might be unconstitutional.

In light of the Paris attacks that immediately followed the bombing in Beirut, this week we will take a closer look at the constant renegotiation of the balance between our personal rights and individual freedoms, and the need to restrict civil liberties to protect the whole Australian community

It must be the most replayed speech by any Australian politician. It will be on the news again this week for the 40th anniversary of the Whitlam government’s dismissal. And it can be found online in earlier anniversaries and retrospectives.

One of the latest cases brought to the High Court challenging the Constitutional validity of the Federal Government’s offshore immigration detention program was heard by the full bench on 7 and 8 October.

On Monday 16 October, on ABC’s Lateline Opposition Infrastructure Spokesman Anthony Albanese was asked about the Newspoll published earlier that day. The Australian newspaper poll showed the Government and Labor deadlocked if an election were to be held this week.

Have you ever wondered if it is deliberate that members of parliament, from all political persuasions, may try to keep you out of the conversations about proposed referendums and plebiscites?

Maybe they want to keep you uninformed?

Today’s CCF commences what we expect to be a major task to correct Constitutional myths and dubious facts.

Monday’s coup d’état on another first-term Prime Minister has caused us at CEFA to question why the Prime Minister, with such a well-known and important role, is not mentioned in the Constitution.


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