The Magna Carta After 800 Years Day Conference

The Centre for the Study of Western Tradition at Campion College held a day conference marking the 8th centenary of the issue of the Great Charter of the Liberties of England (more commonly known as the Magna Carta) by King John in 1215.

This event marked a legal and political watershed, and eventually laid the foundations for lawmaking in England, the Commonwealth and the Americas. 800 years after its initial declaration, can the Magna Carta can still be of relevance and provide guidance to socio-political life? Is the Magna Carta a mere artefact of its time, or are there universal principles embodied in the Charter that can be drawn out and made applicable for the 21st century?

The conference keynote speakers:

  • Mr Julian Burnside AO QC 
  • Dr. Augusto Zimmerman from Murdoch University 

Other presenters that spoke at the event:

  • Human Rights Commissioner Mr. Tim Wilson
  • Dr. Jeremy Bell
  • Dr. Keith Thompson
  • Associate Professor Patrick Quirk