CCF – Powers of Parliament

During a pandemic, when lives are at risk, we want the Government to protect us, no matter what. This raises important public policy questions. Should we still strictly apply the law, or does an emergency justify a Government acting outside the law?

You might remember the election campaign in 2019 with Liberal and National Party members and candidates announcing grants for sporting clubs. The Australian National Audit Office (ANAO) at the time was prompted to have a look into the Community Sport Infrastructure program.

To protect the people of Australia our political leaders are looking to expand anti-terrorism laws.

This week Federal Liberal Party Parliamentarians held a meeting to work out how to proceed with legislation for same-sex marriage.

This week Greens Leader Richard Di Natale announced that the Greens Party would table, debate and vote on Charter of Rights legislation in the 45th Parliament.

A lot has happened in the defence and security space this week. On Monday it was announced by the Prime Minister that the defence force would more easily be able to be called into domestic terrorism incidents.

Here at CEFA we have recently written a couple of articles explaining the restrictions on government spending.

On Tuesday night at 7.30pm the Speaker of the House of the Representatives Tony Smith stated:

We had a fantastic discussion, with several hundred comments on social media following our article last Friday. We are pleased that so many people are interested in our Constitution. This is CEFA’s Constitutional ‘Forum’, in which we would like to promote a two way street.


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