Our Bequest Charter

Your Bequest, our promise to you

  • We acknowledge the significance of your wish to benefit Constitution Education Fund Australia as part of your last Will & Testament.
  • We appreciate that such a decision needs to be made in your own time.
  • We understand that loved ones come first, and we encourage you to discuss your intention with them before finalising your Will.
  • We would love to know that you have included Constitution Education Fund Australia in your Will, so that we can discuss any wishes you may have and give you the option of having your name inscribed in our book of honour. Naturally, if you decide not to tell us, we understand your decision.
  • We will always respect your privacy. Any information you give us regarding your Will shall be held in strict confidence and shall not be publicly disclosed during your lifetime without your expressed permission.
  • We promise that we will use your gift wisely and cost effectively so that it has the greatest impact for all Australians. We will handle whatever gift you leave us with care and respect.

By leaving a bequest to Constitution Education Fund Australia, after providing for family and loved ones, your support will help us to provide enduring education on our system of government and the importance of the Australian Constitution in protecting the freedoms, rights and responsibilities of all Australians. Your generosity will help us to do this by develpoing and implementing programs in schools, universities and the wider Australian community.

How your bequest to the Constitution Education Fund Australia (CEFA) can help to implement the following programs:

  • Constitution Education Fund Australia (CEFA) Parliaments in Schools mentored program costs $2,000 per year per school
  • Governor General’s Prize costs $200,000 per year to run
  • Undergraduate scholars $20,000 per scholar per year
  • Fund a team of specialist teachers to deliver quality outcomes in schools and pre-service teacher training institutions

To leave a bequest to Constitution Education Fund Australia or to discuss your plans, please call the CEFA Head Office on 1800 009 855

Types of Bequests

A charitable bequest can take a variety of forms, including:

The residue of your estate

The remainder of your estate after specific gifts have been disbursed

A percentage

You could choose to leave a percentage of either the residue of your estate, or a percentage of your entire estate

A pecuniary gift

A specific gift of cash

An asset

This could be real estate, shares, bonds or other articles of value

An alternative or conditional bequest

In the unlikely event that your beneficiaries don't survive you, you may wish to leave your Estate to the Constitution Education Fund Australia

Adding Constitution Education Fund Australia to your existing Will

Should you wish to include a gift to Constitution Education Fund Australia in your existing Will, you can simply add a codicil, signed and witnessed in the same way as your Will

It is recommended that you discuss your wishes with your solicitor.

If you choose to leave a gift in your Will to Constitution Education Fund Australia our form of wording may be useful to you, your solicitor or trustee company.

Inform us of your gift

If you intend to leave a gift to Constitution Education Fund Australia in your Will, or if you have already included us, it would be helpful for us if you let us know. We would like to be able to thank you personally, to invite you to become a Legacy Associate.

Your information will be held in strict confidence and not shared with anyone outside the organisation.

Whether you inform us of your gift or not, we are very grateful to you for remembering Constitution Education Fund Australia in your Will. You will be making a great difference to many people's future. Thank you.


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