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We had a huge social media response last week to our comparative article about the separation of powers in Australia and the US. Questions and comments about the role of Commander-in-Chief in Australia and the US kept popping up.

Australians from all walks of life are increasingly engrossed in the upcoming US Presidential election. The President’s powers are enshrined in the American Constitution.

The article we wrote last week about moving towards four-year fixed terms in the House of Representatives gained a huge social media response. We had hundreds of comments on Facebook.

Why is the Government reluctant to implement a national public pedophile register?

In America free speech is a Constitutional right outlined in the first amendment. And because we hear about it all the time, some Australians feel as though free speech is also a Constitutional right in Australia.

On the 15 July 2016 there was an attempted coup in Turkey and a few hours after the situation was resolved 2,745 judges were sacked.

CEFA staff were alarmed on Tuesday morning 5 July when we picked up the Sydney Morning Herald and read the front page words “Australia faces a protracted political and Constitutional crisis”. But is this a Constitutional crisis? Or is the system working as it should?

A couple of weeks ago we received an email from a CCF reader who asked if we could write about our caretaker conventions. So here we go.

Feedback we received last week lamented that we had neglected to mention the role of the Queen and the Governor-General in the Parliament.


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