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People have been asking recently whether it is constitutionally valid for the States to close their borders to residents of other States.  Doesn’t the Constitution guarantee freedom of movement or prevent States from discriminating against people from other States? 

Thank-you Dr Oscar Roos for your comment on the article we published earlier this week titled: A functioning Parliament during a time of crisis.

As the coronavirus spreads around our cities and towns some of you might be wondering what will happen with our governance. The Commonwealth Parliament is meeting today and perhaps tomorrow with a reduced number of MPs. The two major parties have given each other 30 pairs.

Western Australia has never really been sure about being part of Australia. They were the last colony to hold a referendum asking the people if they would like to join the new federation.

At 2.15pm yesterday many Australians were holding their breath and waiting for the High Court to deliver their decision about the validity of same sex marriage postal survey. We didn’t have to wait long, within a minute or two we had an answer.

The South Australian State Government last week introduced a major bank levy in their 2017 budget. This new levy is expected to raise $370 million for the State Government over four years and comes on top of the bank tax introduced by the Federal Government in their May 2017 budget.

Here at CEFA we have recently written a couple of articles explaining the restrictions on government spending.

We had a fantastic discussion, with several hundred comments on social media following our article last Friday. We are pleased that so many people are interested in our Constitution. This is CEFA’s Constitutional ‘Forum’, in which we would like to promote a two way street.

In July this year NSW Premier Mike Baird called a press conference where he and the Minister for Racing Troy Grant announced that the NSW greyhound racing industry will be shut down on 1 July 2017. 


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