Education a "national scandal"

Education – what a phenomenal example, perhaps the biggest national scandal of all, where we’ve managed to destroy to some degree the competitiveness of our children….We’ve spent 40 per cent more in the last 10 years on education and we’ve got something like a 300-500 per cent worse result measured by the OECD…for 15 year olds.

Michael Thawley, Head of the Department of Prime Minister and Cabinet, The Weekend Australian November 7-8, 2015.

It is equally disgraceful that young Australians are not taught about the history and workings of our Australian Constitution. Our nation’s rule book stands as a beacon of stability in a time of great upheaval and political turbulence throughout the world. It is a national priority to educate, particularly young Australians, about the heritage and processes of the Australian Constitution and the democratic values inherent in it. 

Declining support for Australian Democracy

Report after report for over 25 years show Australian people, particularly young Australians, lack confidence, trust and respect for our political system. They are generally dissatisfied with the quality of our democracy. 

Despite many millions of dollars spent annually on projects, programs, museum displays, events and activities for democracy education, they are not breaking through. Just 60% of Australians say democracy is preferable to any other kind of government and only 39% of those aged 18-29 prefer a democratic government.  Constitutional education in Australian schools,  known as Civics and Citizenship Curriculum is hardly taught.

Democracy doesn’t come easy and shouldn’t be taken for granted. 

For our nation to move forward harmoniously we need to inspire pride in our constitutional heritage and processes. CEFA’s mission is to improve attitudes towards democracy and knowledge of the Australian Constitution. CEFA has a proven track record and is capable of providing effective constitutional education which has become a national priority for our schools.