Tuesday 16 Sep 2014
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Maintenance and Expansion: ensuring the long-term success of your CEFA School Parliament

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  1. Choose the right pathway to implementation. CEFA’s experience with schools around Australia has shown that there are three primary pathways to implementing a CEFA School Parliament successfully.

  2. Follow a structured, staged implementation process to get your CEFA School Parliament up and running without a hitch. In addition to the proposed 6-step implementation, CEFA is able to provide tailored advice according to the specifics of your school or community group, and you may choose to learn from the samples provided by CSPs at schools that have already implemented.

  3. Expand and sustain education programs about parliament, civics, citizenship and values (including social justice, journalism, environmental and student welfare activities)

To continue to provide your students with opportunities to learn more about civics matters and to participate in citizenship activities, the following activities can be included after your CEFA School Parliament is up and running. These activities can be incorporated at any point during the school year. By offering these initiatives to the whole student body, albeit driven by CEFA School Parliament ministers and members, the CEFA School Parliament becomes the starting point for far-reaching civics, citizenship and values education programs. Such activities may then take on a life of their own.

Here is just a sample of the activities you may like to offer:

  • Policy Development
  • By-elections
  • Mock referendum/plebiscite
  • Parliamentary Inquiries
  • Security and Intelligence
  • Portfolio committees
  • Civics online quiz
  • School Newspaper/political journalists
  • Political cartoonists· Social Justice groups
  • Environmental organisations within the school

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